Tips on tuning the engine DENSO

Gilbert Couvert , product manager for spark plugs DENSO Europe , talks about the impact of innovative spark plugs on the car specifications.

Thinking about improving the car’s performance? Do not hurry with chip tuning of the engine and refining the system inlet or outlet . Should start with replacing spark plugs and achieve significant improvements in operating performance of the car. Spark plugs are the heart of the engine , simply put, there is no spark – no movement . To improve engine performance , including an optimum fuel consumption , it is necessary to use modern and technologically advanced spark plugs , for example , spark plugs DENSO Iridium Power. These innovative candles with the thinnest central electrode thickness of 0.4 mm and a side electrode with a U-shaped groove provide improved spark . This ensures the most complete combustion of the operating mixture, and , accordingly , improve engine performance . They are ideal for drivers who want to improve the performance of the car and reduce fuel consumption. Effects via DENSO Iridium Power spark on power , especially noticeable during acceleration of the vehicle. Iridium center electrode thickness of 0.4 mm and a ground electrode of the special form of a U- groove provide a better spark at a lower operating voltage . This provides a more efficient combustion and reduced number of misfiring , as in conditions of high loads on the engine, and when ignitability of fuel is worsened . As a result , the driver will feel greater than with conventional spark ignition engine acceleration . Start with the spark plug if you want to increase engine power . This improves not only the characteristics of the engine, but also the economy – net benefits for car owners . About DENSO Iridium spark plugs Iridium spark plugs were developed by DENSO. In 1997, DENSO pioneered the use of laser welding technology to create a candle with the world’s thinnest iridium center electrode thickness of 0.4 mm. Currently, this technology is used in spark plugs Iridium Power, Iridium Tough, Iridium Long-Life and candlelight for racing cars and motorbikes Iridium Racing. The wide range of candles DENSO Iridium available for 99% car models .